Our Services


Your toolkit for business creativity

Analysis of land plots and project ideas for best use towards the most suitable project development by market survey, business planning, cash flow planning and sales and exit strategy. Raise finances depending on individual project characteristics, using a combination of government’s grants and subsidies, private equity, bank loans, crowd funding, cooperative customer financing and vendor financing.


Certified and compliant to laws and regulations

Our consultants understand central, state and local bylaws and procedures to pursue full compliance. We take the hassle out of preparing the documentation and submittals, online procedures and filings. Utilize local knowledge and resources for removing any procedural bottlenecks.


Engineer your dreams with us

Unique standard and custom designs spanning structural, water, sanitary and energy management systems. Designs are further optimized for cost and performance satisfying local requirements to ensure the project’s spending is utilized to maximize the value of the project.


Everything you need to build

Expanding database of over 100 product categories and over 5,000 suppliers. Bulk buying capacity enabling us to source products at best prices with multiple suppliers to get value-for-money for our clients. Proving knowhow to compare options to the buyer and offering them to proper brands and suppliers in order to optimize cost and quality.


Building the future. Restoring the past

When you need experience, we have it covered. We will screen, evaluate and create partnerships with contractors and vendors and ensure they work in the interest of the client. We review our partners previous experience and record, background of the ownership and management and their resources and capabilities.


Real People. Real Work. Real Rewards

Facilities should be maintained well with low recurring expenses. We set up maintenance and operations regime by carefully selected professional outsourced resources with fixed and flexible contract options.

About Us

Make Me Builder, aims to offer solutions in the construction market through partners including legal and financial experts, architecture and engineering consultants, construction materials, technology providers, and contractors.

Our Customers

  • Home Owners
  • Shop Owners
  • Small Plot Owners
  • Aspiring Builders
  • NGOs
  • Government Agencies

Type of Projects

  • Homes
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Offices
  • Stores
  • Warehouses

How we work?

Customer Select the service type

Customer Fill up the enquiry form

MMB will call you to verify requirements

MMB will contact prequalified vendors

MMB will send you best quotations

Customer Selects one quote

Customer Pay advance

Work starts as per agreement

Why Choose us

We use all possible resources to get you the most accurate, affordable and dependable project quotations available.


We encourage use of best safety and site hygiene both from our customers and partners. Eliminating hazards on project site is our first priority in order to keep you and our staff safe.


We take pride in every one of our projects so you can rest assured that no matter what the project we undergo we will finish all to the highest of quality, no matter the size, market or delivery method.


We ensure that you get price that are market competitive where you get value of your money. We use pre-negotiated terms with our partners to they offer you the best price for the volumes we offer them.


Through our extensive experience in construction we ensure only those solutions are offered through us with utmost regard to environment and health.


We have a clear strategy of using our collective skills and understanding of markets to develop a unique value proposition to clients.


We've built our company from the ground and have brought both quality and integrity to small and large-scale projects. When you choose MMB, you're getting nothing but the best.

What makes us different

Our ability to cater to a wide variety of clients and situations.

Cater to customer experience levels

We recognize that every customer has their unique requirements depending on the type, stage of the project, finances available, geography of the project and individual experience in availing construction services. We help you define what you need and pay for only those services and work according to your pace and requirements.

One stop shop for project life cycle

As construction requires coordination with many individuals and agencies – we provide you a one stop shop where you can find quality services applicable for various stages of construction development process- financial planning, permits and approvals, concept design, detailed design, material selection and construction.

Our goal is to provide you with comfort and peace of mind knowing that your home is being well cared by the professionals we offer. Our Services will take care of your home so you don’t have to worry about it since it’s in safe hands.

Retrofit and Upgrades

Our goal is to provide you with comfort and peace of mind knowing that your home is being well cared by the professionals we offer. Our Services will take care of your home so you don’t have to worry about it since it’s in safe hands.

New Buildings

In case you are an individual with a plot of small plot of land and wish to build a home or develop it for any commercial activity we will provide you everything you need to. We will guide you to make sure your land is developed as per your vision and best returns.

Aspiring Builders

A large amount of lands in India is in the hands of farmers and those who have inherited land from their ancestors. In many high net worth individuals have invested in lands. Whatever the case may be, development of your lands is the best way of monetizing it whether it be for sale or rent.

Project management

As project management is key to the success of a project, MMB Services has made it a core discipline and a strategic differentiator. Our value propositions are done by highly experienced Project Managers to meet customer expectations in terms of on time delivery, scope and quality.

Value engineering

Our value engineering services are aimed to identify and eliminate high cost areas in the value chain, ensuring a balance between efficient use of resources and decreased operating costs.

Our Team

Deergha Verma


DEERGHA is pursuing from GARGI College, University of Delhi. She leads the MARKETING team which promote products, services and brands to an audience of both existing and potential customers. She possess Up to date knowledge of best marketing practice and an eye for creative marketing opportunities. Her strong understanding of effective PR and Marketing assist in increasing sales which raises profile of MMB's business, through targeted promotional marketing campaigns and strategies. She had Excellent people and Management skills to interact with staff, colleagues and cross-functional teams, and third parties.

Udisha Srivastava

Content Design

Udisha Srivastava is currently pursuing Journalism and Mass communication from Kamala Nehru College, University of Delhi. She leads the content development and market influencer team. She is also the member of a student’s club named LIFT (Leadership Initiative for Transformation) and an NGO.