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Eco-Friendly Homes

The concept of sustainability is quite a cognizant word. It’s often used to indicate the use of minimal exhaustible resources and promoting of “eco-friendly” materials products for the daily usage. “An investment becomes a proper investment when you invest without harming the nature’s output.”

Eco-housing Concept

With booming urbanization, economic growth, and rising consumption patterns in India and demand for better standards of living, a threat to natural resources has increased. Amidst this, certain households have looked in a different way. The model of “Eco-friendly House” is a low-impact, bio-friendly home, assembled from many facets from building materials to the use of renewable energy sources to design that strives for efficiency and harmony with the surrounding environment. A popular villain of all times, Prakash built his second home on the condition that it would be lit up by solar power, harness rainwater, and its interiors would be built entirely with eco-friendly materials. In recent years, Indians have taken a step forward to promote the sustainability by builiding their own natural eco houses. Of course, this was has been a great step towards architectural and cultural innovations.