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Air Quality Improvement

Air pollution is the single largest, environmentally-related global health risk of our time. The ambient air quality in Indian cities has degraded to hazardous levels over the last two decades. People are exposed to extreme health risks due to increasing particulate matter, hazardous airborne agents in indoor spaces, emission of noxious gases from industries and automobiles and open sewerage systems. Outdoor air quality is affecting indoor air quality excessively.


360 degree consultation

We conduct an analysis of the space (household/office/mall/school/gym, etc.) to identify the locations and key parameters to be tested. We also provide services like visual inspection suggestions o... Read More
₹ 5/Sqft
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360 Degree Consultation and Onsite Air Quality Testing

We are providing services like air testing onsite and consultation of equipment selection to our clients including individual household, corporate offices, educational institutes, and hospitals. We... Read More
₹ 15/Sqft
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Selection and Installation of air purifier

Air Purifier can range in price depending on which type of air purifier best suits your needs. We can help you select the right filter depending on your specific requirements. When selecting a port... Read More
₹ Upon Enquiry
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