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Wooden door


Battened, Ledged and braced doors

To make more rigid, braces are provided diagonally in additional to battens and ledges as shown in figure. Braces are having 100-150mm width and 25-30mm thickness are preferable. Read More
₹ 3200/PIECE ₹3500/PIECE    8% off
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Battened & ledged doors

Wooden windows and doors can be custom made to fit any size opening or trimmed to fit a specific size doorway. Consequently, wood is a material that is easy to work with and can be made to fit your... Read More
₹ 3500/PIECE ₹3798/PIECE    7% off
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Glazed or Sash doors

Glazed doors are generally provided in interior wall openings or in hospitals, colleges etc. The interior of room is visible through glazed doors and light also passes through glazed portion of the... Read More
₹ 2700/PIECE ₹3000/PIECE    10% off
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Louvered door

Read More
₹ 230/PIECE ₹300/PIECE    23% off
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Revolving doors

Revolving doors are only provided in public buildings like museums, banks, libraries etc., because of constant visitors. It consists mullion at its Centre to which four radiating shutters are attac... Read More
₹ 70000/PIECE ₹75000/PIECE    6% off
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Sliding door

In this type, with the help of runners and guide rails the door slides to the sides. The door may have one or more sliding shutter depending up on the opening available. Read More
₹ 230/PIECE ₹300/PIECE    23% off
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