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Stone floors are natural, beautiful, and always stylish.Softer, more porous stones, such as marble, limestone, and travertine, require regular applications of sealants and frequent cleaning to prevent staining and pitting.


Grey Limestone Flooring

Limestone is available in various forms such as tiles, slabs, cut-to-size pavements and flags. Available in rubbed, honed, polished, sand blasted and other finishes, these can be used across variou... Read More
₹ 19/Sqft of Carpet Area ₹22/Sqft of Carpet Area    13% off
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Kota Stone Flooring

It is hard, non-porous and a homogeneous material which can be widely used in different areas. The stone can be polished again if a fresh appearance is desired. It is not water absorbent and is ant... Read More
₹ 22/Sqft of Carpet Area ₹26/Sqft of Carpet Area    15% off
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Natural Stone flooring

We are providing a wide range of Natural Stone Flooring according to the demands of the clients. This is weather-resistant in nature and is durable. The stones do not blister and are non-slippery i... Read More
₹ 32/Sqft of Carpet Area ₹38/Sqft of Carpet Area    15% off
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Pebble Stone Flooring

Pebble Stone Flooring is highly demanding in the market because of its durable nature. These are available in various ranges. There is available polished surface finish, Modern style. This Flooring... Read More
₹ 110/Sqft of Carpet Area ₹125/Sqft of Carpet Area    12% off
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Rainbow Sandstone Flooring

Rainbow Sandstone Flooring is brought from Rajasthan. These are available in matt, polished surface finish and various sizes according to the customer demands. This is highly demanding for customer... Read More
₹ 60/Sqft of Carpet Area ₹70/Sqft of Carpet Area    14% off
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