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Steel can be significantly lighter than concrete equivalents and require less extensive foundations, reducing the environmental impact of the build. Steel can bear tons of loads for a longer period of time as compared to other metals.


Commercial Deck Sheets

These sheets are non-fragile and can hold great amount of weight with ease. We make these roof decking sheets available in various capacities and colors. Read More
₹ 68/Sqft of Carpet Area ₹75/Sqft of Carpet Area    9% off
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Steel deck is a cold formed corrugated steel sheet supported by steel joists or beams. It is used to support concrete or insulating membrane of a roof. It was developed to provide a structurally ef... Read More
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Steel Decking Sheets

 As steel decking sheets are laid by hand and not by crane, this method is far less time consuming that other methods of floor construction which require cranes to install. This method not only spe... Read More
₹ 65/Sqft of Carpet Area ₹75/Sqft of Carpet Area    13% off
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Steel Deck Sheet

It will reduce the shuttering time and cost It will enable fast construction of building roofs and floors, thereby saving up to 50% of construction time of the slab and roof Once designed as... Read More
₹ 85/Sqft of Carpet Area ₹100/Sqft of Carpet Area    15% off
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