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Mild Steel


Fancy Mild Steel handrail

Mild steel handrail is also a soft steel. Because it is softer than other types of steel, so it gives soft touch to the handrail which can protect from the hard touch problems . It is stronger hand... Read More
₹ 965 ₹1080    10% off
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Impact resistant factory handrail

It creates a safe working environment in an economical manner. It  gives protection of people, machinery, tools, goods, Buildings and  places where fork lift, truck, carriages or other vehicles are... Read More
₹ 4200 ₹4500    6% off
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Mild Steel

Mild steel is a type of low-carbon steel that is widely used for vehicle bodywork and chassis construction. Some new alloys have the properties of nearly the same stiffness and strength of mild ste... Read More
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MS industrial handrail

It is used for balcony, stairs, and patio. Because of good strength of mild steel it enables the handrail to bear external impacts. It is coated with colour. It is suitable for industrial puposes. ... Read More
₹ 460 ₹510    9% off
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