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Bamboo is 6 times stronger than steel reinforcement. Now in civil engineering many people are using bamboo in place of steel for reinforcement, but bamboo is an excellent choice for reinforcement in concrete because of its higher strength as compared to steel by weight.


bamboo hut

This structure is designed under the supervision of well-experienced proffessional. It gives very attractive and charming appearence.It is primarily used for relaxation purposes at the beach, seash... Read More
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Pool side Bamboo structure

It is primarily used for holiday, vacations, and sunbath as well. It is constructed in such a way that sunlight passes through the roof area partially.  Read More
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Simple Bamboo House

It can be used for the residence purposes. It is covered from up more than the carpet area to provide more shadeness to the resident. It is designed above the ground level. It can be used to stay a... Read More
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